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For Modern Brands who like to do things a little differently, our Marketing and PR experts will dig through your BRAND closet, find the absolute gems, and help you write, rave and share about them.

Let’s tell your story like no others can tell it and build your brand presence so no one will forget it!

Headquarters in beautiful Penticton, BC Canada

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Your BRAND Makeover Experts!

Serving the Okanagan, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto + Worldwide.

“I’m a huge believer that in order to think, and make decisions clearly, you need to have a clear head. I believe one of the things we do really well here at GRANT MEDIA is in teaching our clients how to clear the clutter, both mentally and physically. That way, the vision - becomes much more in focus.”

— Natalie Grant

Marketing Strategy

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In order to succeed in 2024, you'll have to rethink how you market your business. You'll have to personalize your brand with a new online persona that ties into the personalities of your company and employees – and engage customers in an entirely new way.

Public Relations

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It's no secret that public relations is more in demand than ever before. That's why we're bursting with innovative ways to work with all of our PR clients in 2024.

Brand & Identity

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Consumers are looking for a brand that will show them the way through challenging times. 2024 branding trends reveal what people need during uncertain times. Your brand identity is an essential part of your marketing strategy and will make or break your company.


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There is no denying video content for your business anymore. The biggest TIP for 2024? Vertical videos! Eager to learn more?

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We're a boutique agency of creative minds that work with purpose to help you attract your ideal clientele and stand out no matter who your competition is. We are committed to seeing you grow your BRAND to where it allows you to live the life of freedom and flexibility you’ve been seeking.

About Us

Founder, Lead Designer, Certified Coat Person. Passionate about seeing you online at your best.


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“Natalie (Grant Media) and I have worked closely together and collaborated on what direction I wanted to go with my branding. Natalie was patient and took the time to really get to know me and figured out my lifestyle and attributed facets of me to my real estate branding. Super pleased with the outcome!! I highly recommend Grant Media.” — Angela Marino

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